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In 2016, we are now serving 110+ orphaned and vulnerable children and 30 HIV+ parents in a comprehensive community based program. These children and their extended families have help and hope for the first time in their lives. The kids eat, laugh, play, learn and grow and although they still struggle, they know they are not alone.

Half of our children receive two meals daily at our children's center and attend private and public schools in the village. Half of our children are now in good secondary schools in the city, and 15 have graduated, preparing for a future they could never envision even four years ago. They are studying law, medicine, architecture, business, social work, engineering and communications in University, and studying building trades, nursing, and video communications in vocational school. Two are university graduates. Two fragile children receive 24 hour care and physical therapy in the "House of Love".

Our service to the seriously ill parents and grandparents of our children in our Hope Ministry program helps more than 150 children to avoid the loss of yet another beloved caregiver. A percentage of our children are also seriously ill, and we provide medications, counseling, care and extra nutritional support for these children.

Our monthly expenses continue to grow with the children, and the need in the community is immense. We still struggle to meet each month's expenses, but God has come through every time, often at the last minute, to provide these children with mosquito nets, malaria and deworming medicine, staff support, tuition, mattresses, shoes, books, transportation, clothing, emergency surgeries, recreation and even a new roof or a whole new home.

"AIDS has become the worst infectious disease crisis to confront the world since the bubonic plague of the 14th century halved the population of Europe within five years. Today, 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS and 95% of them do not have access to treatment that could prolong their lives. As a result, the world is facing an escalation of AIDS orphans that is expected to reach 44 million (roughly the same number of children in public schools in the United States east of the Mississippi) by 2010 if the international community does not respond. This massive loss of human life will dramatically alter families, communities and entire countries. We cannot sit idly by." (from the Interfaith Letter on Global AIDS, 2002 )

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