Village2Village Project Mission


Our Mission:

To provide comprehensive, empowering, respectful and compassionate care for vulnerable children and their families,
one life at a time.

Our Priority:

Children who have at least one parent affected by HIV/AIDS or violence, and their families.

Our Location:

Serere, Uganda; a county of rural villages in Soroti district, in the Teso region of northeastern Uganda. In time we may expand to serve those in need in a variety of locations both inside and outside of Uganda.

Our Method:

  • To help impoverished children realize their God-given potential by providing educational, medical, nutritional, social and spiritual care.
  • To develop a supportive community of children and families that will provide a safety net for one another in crisis.
  • To reinforce the child's extended family ties and support the family's efforts in making positive decisions for their orphaned relatives.
  • To slow the devastation of disease in areas with limited medical care and counter the desperation of extreme poverty.
  • To serve those in need regardless of their religious affiliation.
  • To make human connections between the developing and the industrialized world for the benefit of all.
  • To offer hope and relief in Jesus' name motivated by our Christian faith, partnering with other caring people to encourage children and families in crisis.
  • To provide all care by ethical means within a sensitive cultural context that maintains the dignity of the child and family as beloved of God.

"…We can and we must join together to stop the scourge of AIDS and poverty. The attention of the world might sometimes be elsewhere, but history is watching. It's taking notes. And it's going to hold us to account, each of us. There is so much you can do…When the story of these times gets written, we want it to say that we did all we could, and it was more than anyone could have imagined. " (Bono, speaking to the Senate Subcommittee on Appropriations, 2004)

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